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35mm Slide Presentations

Slide presentations are projected with a Twin Rollie 35mm fade-in projector, all set to appropriate music. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each half or at the end of the evening. The approximate running time of each half is 45 minuets. Raw unadulterated photography, what you see is what you get (no digital manipulations). I will bring all of the equipment needed; all I require will be a 13amp power connection, also an audience (two or more people).

Please pick between  Presentation 1 or 2 and enquire using the Contact Page.

Presentation 1 - Kenya Unplanned


First half

Beach & Water Scenes of Mombassa

Street Scenes of Mombassa & Nairobi

Kenya Railway Workshops, Nairobi

Woodcarvers of Mombassa


Second half

Massai People & Villages

On Safari in the Massai Mara Game Reserve

On Safari in the Tsavo East Game Reserve


Presentation 2 - Travelogue around the World


First half

Pictures from Prague

Butterflies & Birds

Trees in the Landscape


Second half

Bits & Pieces

Aboriginal Street Performers

Daintree Rainforest (Northern Queensland)

Sydney by Night

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